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Let’s Connect

There are 3 ways to begin initiating a conversation with us: 1. Call 904-297-8353, email Contact@ZenDigits.Com, or fill out the easy form HERE. We can then arrange a complimentary call. This gives us an opportunity to understand your business and determine if we’re the perfect match for each other.

Guiding Your Path

Next, you’ll receive customized plan options. We take what we learned about your goals and accounting tax needs and build options that allow you to choose what level of service you want from us. The beauty of this is threefold:

  • First, you get to eliminate (and not pay for) stuff you don’t feel you need at the moment.
  • Second, you can modify this decision at any point and move up or down in service levels.
  • Third, while there is a contract that specifies services, there is no “locked-in” contract agreement, meaning you can end your agreement with us at any time with no penalties or friction.

Should we decide to work together, we’ll guide you through our process, introduce you to the software applications we use, and develop a customized plan tailored to your company’s present and future requirements.

Starting The Journey

Adventuring on to the onboarding phase can be a little daunting, but don’t worry! We’ll work through the process with you, communicate a whole bunch, and make it easy, including a detailed timeline and portal setup if applicable. This is when the real excitement begins: we take charge of your selected accounting tasks, enabling you to concentrate on expanding your business. 


Ensuring Progress

Our primary objective is to continuously make our company ever better able to meet your company’s evolving needs. We’ll conduct regular check-ins to ensure your comfort with the new setup and implement any necessary adjustments to maximize efficiency and streamline operations.

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