Professional Accounting Services

Savvy with the latest technology and equipped with the highest level of business acumen, Zen Digits is a Florida based cloud accounting firm offering the following services:

Growth-Oriented Bookkeeping for Small Businesses

You have to track your business anyways, why not use the information to grow revenue? The team at Zen Digits are experts at accurate bookkeeping and reporting that will help inform better business decisions. Zen Digits also can enhance your business flow with Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable services and more!

Business Tax Planning and Preparation

Ready to save thousands on your taxes? Proactive planning and strategy, filing that’s not stressful, we can deal with the IRS and more. Be confident about your business tax situation.

Individual Tax Planning and Preparation

The IRS has more resources than ever before and are highly motivated to extract as much of your income as possible. It’s critical to make the right moves BEFORE tax season and file a return in a way that saves you the most money.

QuickBooks Pro Advisor

Zen Digits is recognized by QuickBooks as professional QuickBooks experts. We can do it all from set up to clean up to ongoing QuickBooks management. Better yet, we know how to transform QuickBooks into an excellent business growth tool by using applications and integrations.

Small Business Accounting Advisory

This is for small businesses who want more than standard bookkeeping but don’t have the resources for a full time controller or CFO. Zen Digits can help you with budgeting, forecasting, KPI development and much more. These are custom services built specifically for your goals.

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