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One of the interesting problems with typical accounting companies is that they are made up of people who ONLY know accounting. The experts at Zen Digits certainly know accounting, but have also been knee-deep in marketing, talent development, sales, and other critical areas of business success. We’ve worked in diverse industries from marketing and media to contracting. In other words, Zen Digits experts understand the entire business spectrum you deal with daily. It allows us to offer better insights and help you figure out how accounting can help in all the other areas. 

It’s said that “accounting is the language of business”, but to most business owners accounting is the language of headaches, time consumption and confusion. It’s seen as a necessary evil that takes focus away from revenue generating activities instead of something that can actually help deliver profits. That changes for you now when you click the “Let’s Talk” button.

Zen Digits Accounting is hybrid cloud accounting company. We are able to work virtually with companies and individuals all over the world. If you live and work in North East and North Central Florida, we love to interact with our clients in our home area.